Miranda Tay Brown Cries for A Better Community

Miranda Tay Brown who happens to be the wife of former Finima Youth Chairman Eric Tay Brown Speaks and heirs her opinion on the Crisis going on the Island of  Bonny 

Miranda Tay Brown came on social media to address the one of the issues causing unrest in Bonny kingdom 

here is a qoute of what she said   

"Finima is in Bonny!

Finima is Bonny!

This is a fact undisputed...

But I need the rest of bonny to take cue from the finima people and their ways of doing things..

Against all odds we defend what is ours...

we defend ourselves..

Despite the internal dispute we stand as one during crisis..

About 3 years ago, the Andoni people attacked the light house fishing settlement in finima.

a few days after there was another attack on a finima son of Attoni house around the finima cemetery and he was left for dead..

I saw this boy and it was a miracle that he survived...

Our Traditional leadership/and the then youth leadership called on the people of the community..

Young men came out in large numbers marched to light house, day and night they were there,they took turns in playing night guards..

These young men/boys slept outside paying little or no attention to mosquitoes and the dangers of the night,watching and waiting with the military.

When the Andoni boys came to attack with guns and machete,

With the support from the Military some of them were caught..

1 or 2 killed...

At a point women/girls were out too...

Until the then CTC chairman Cyril hart and the then CTC chairman of Andoni/intervened..

Since then finima people don rest from Andoni people hand..

They know it wont be business as usual coming to finima on any form of attack..

I'm not saying we should go fight with guns and weapons,but by every means possible if the Government has failed us,what about the traditional institutions??

We need them now..

We need to defend ourselves as a people by ourselves...

We need to act now,

We need to come out now...

I don't know who is ready, I am 100%

Something has to be done!!

We cant keep dying like chickens in the hands of pirates...

We cant keep sailing with our hands on our mouths..

We can't keep sailing with our hearts in our hands..

A while back I needed to travel with my kids, I could not get on the NLNG boat.

I prayed all through the sail with my children and somehow we missed pirates attack by minutes..

The world needs to know!

the world needs to hear!

Sadly this would only get worse if nothing is done ASAP!

May the souls of the dead RIP