Eric Tay Brown Speaks On The B.K.L.C.C.C Crises

Former (FYC) Finima Youth Congress Chairman who was in charge of the youths of Finima From 2016-2018 finally gave a much needed response to crises revolving round the BKLCCC and the Buoye Omuso Brown house Of Finima.  

These Where his Words

"In response to the assertion or allegation, Let it be known that FCDC was formed in 2014 long before the formation of BKLCCC in 2019. FCDC held its first meeting with Nigeria LNG Ltd in 2014 and met with NCDMB in the same year, 2014. The records are there for confirmation. At about October 2019, 

BKLCCC visited Buoye Omuso (Dua-wari) Brown House leadership with members of FCDC present at the meeting, to solicit the cooperation and buy-in of the House into their Committee's activity. BKLCCC was told in clear terms that FCDC with an enlarged function more than theirs has long been set up and cannot be proscribed. As a result of this, Finima Community will continue with its own FCDC to drive its Community Content needs. 

The BKLCCC members who visited could attest to this. That apart, Finima is the host community to Nigeria LNG Ltd and other corporate organizations and ought to have direct discussion on its development, especially having realized that Finima's development has been taking for granted by all known Committees and government institutions in Bonny LGA from before, during and after Trains 1 to 6. Finima cannot therefore place its fate in the hands of those who do not recognize that more than 90% of the resources accruing to the Bonny LGA is coming from Finima Community.

Finima Community cannot allow itself to be marginalized eternally. As they said, "especially the Brown House...". Let it be known that at NO time was the Leadership of Buoye Omuso Brown House consulted and or requested to nominate anybody to be a member of BKLCCC, hence any person picked do not represent Brown House or Finima Community. This is the TRUTH and it is verifiable." 

His response to this matter has raised a lot of brows stay tuned in this blog post as we will bring you some reactions from others in the coming weeks.