King Of Bonny Kingdom, Gives Remarks For The Bonny Consulate Building


About a year before now, the grand ceremony/function was performed here in Bonny, for the development of a famous Consulate Building by the Traditional Leadership of Bonny Kingdom and the Management of Nigeria LNG. That service was to launch the arranged replication of the old department Building, with its rich history and significance. 

Today, we are accumulated once more, upbeat, to observe the marking of the Memorandum of Understanding that would move the Construction of the Consulate Building, which can possibly drive the much expected and required enhancement of the economy of Bonny realm through the travel industry. 


A couple of years back, when we considered the possibility of the remaking of the Consulate Building, we accepted that it had the capability of turning into the center point for the travel industry in Bonny realm with its normal colossal procuring for the realm. 

It is consequently that we are for sure keen to the acknowledgment of this our drive by the Nigeria LNG and the means being taken to realize this amazing step. 

Everywhere on the world, the travel industry is a solid financial action which contributes essentially to the development of the economy of a country, state, or network. Aside from the capital that it brings into a zone, it likewise makes occupations. The travel industry is recognized today as one of the quickest developing industry on the planet. It makes work, brings extra pay for the individuals of the networks, prompts expansion for the economy and makes new chances. 

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Bonny 

Bonny Kingdom is honored with a characteristic profound water seaport, which made us a general store for public and worldwide fares, even before the pioneer region. Past our vantage position, Bonny was likewise the passage port of Christianity in the Niger Delta. The St. Stephen's Cathedral was Consecrated in 1889 as the principal Anglican Church in the Eastern Region, while the Consulate Building was raised in 1897, making Bonny the primary seat of British pilgrim organization. It was from this structure which housed the District Commissioner, a specialist, cops and a few other pilgrim authorities, that the British represented and supported its relationship with other colonized territories. 

Old Consulate Building, Bonny 

Throughout the year, Bonny realm has obliged heterogeneous speculators who investigate and misuse the land. Their exercises have left us with the danger of losing our interesting social legacy. Yet, all that is going to change with our esteemed social legacy given a further lift with the development of the Consulate Building and our current status as the energy passage of Nigeria, Bonny should be an objective for vacationers and the travel industry. It is hence that we like the centrality of this structure in the advancement steps of Bonny Kingdom as it will help keep the diaries of its old business history. 

The Consulate Building is confirmation of the dynamic contribution of the British in the inward undertakings of the Kingdom in the nineteenth century, following the ideal business clime they discovered here, as they related with us. The story has been the equivalent from that point onward with Bonny giving that heartfelt atmosphere which each business concern needs. 

We have high expectations as a realm that the replication of the Consulate Building would reinforce our travel industry potential as well as empower our realm to gladly keep alive the recollections of its antiquated history. 

Again, let me recognize and profoundly compliment Nigerian LNG for establishing the tone for our headway to a cutting edge and financially feasible society, through its real Corporate Social Responsibility exercises in the Kingdom. They have left nobody in uncertainty of their longing to remain an important accomplice in the advancement excursion of this realm. 

We like this organization, as we have had a background marked by crossing with a few partners with changed business interests since the fifteenth century, when Bonny turned into a significant general store in the Eastern Delta and an entryway to International exchange with the appearance of the Portuguese on our shores. 

Proposed New Consulate Building at King Asimini Bypass, Bonny 

We are enormously pleased to be essential for this MOU for the reproduction of the Iconic Bonny Consulate Building as a blessing from Nigeria LNG following 20 years of securely working together in the Kingdom and by and by proceeding onward with its Train 7 undertaking. We likewise compliment Julius Berger Nigeria Limited for being truly noticeable in Bonny and for its aptitude in dealing with the multi billion Naira Bonny-Bodo Road which is subsidized by the Federal Government of Nigeria and Nigeria LNG. 

In the interest of the Chiefs' and the acceptable individuals of this antiquated Kingdom, I most truly thank the Board, investors, and Management of Nigeria LNG for emphatically affecting the Kingdom from various perspectives of working intensely with us to hold Bonny Kingdom's status as a harbor of incredible Value. 

We additionally thank the Management of Julius Berger for being a commendable accomplice in this extraordinary thought of social resurrection. 

We guarantee you of a proceeded with genial relationship, as we all things considered work to keep both the realm and the organizations here prosperous now and consistently.