The Bonny Kingdom Skills' Database


Bonny Skills Database is a database collection to checkmate  the Bonny citizens and their acquired skill for possible employment and other opportunities. 

This documentation is necessary for community planning, workforce forecasting, socioeconomic actions, training and demands. It will also help map youths to opportunities if and when they become available. Filling this form is NOT a Job Application, submitting your information will help documentation, planning, employment and accountability. 

This is NOT affiliated to Government or Traditional Institution. But will be submitted to the BIRC, the Chiefs' Council, the Bonny Graduate Forum, the Bonny Youth Federation and the Local Government Council for the purposes listed above, if needed. For questions, please email — 

Mr Opuada Abusi and Mr. Abarasi abbey Hart  created this skills database for Bonny. In fact, it's Opuada's brain child. The system was created using simple free access platform.

They  intend to share collected data with the Bonny Chief's Council, the Bonny local government council, Bonny Integrated Recruitment Center  (BIRC) Bonny Youth Federation (BYF) and BGF. This will help in Train 7 planning, employment, documentation, accountability, training, monitoring unemployment, and mapping of skills to chances.

The purpose of this publication is for examination and feedback. Therefore, skim through and drop your comments and suggestions. All feedback will be considered.