Finima Youth Congress: Addresses Finima about Covid19

At this trying moment, when the whole world is fighting an Unknown Enemy (Corona virus), I will urge and advise each and every one of us to take our personal hygiene serious. Prevention they say, is better than cure.

There has been rumors and evidences proving that the virus is presently in Nigeria. But God so kind, no record of the COVID19 in Rivers state yet and we pray it doesn't come. We commiserate with the affected states, pray and hope they defeat the virus in no time. But then, we shouldn't feel less concerned about it over here.

Most importantly, if you're not feeling too fine. I mean you have some health issues already, kindly stay home and treat yourself till you get better. According to medical reports, most victims that couldn't survive the COVID19 are those already facing health issues before contracting the COVID19.

So please I urge and encourage each and every one of us home and abroad to stay safe.

Some Essential COVID19 Precautions.👇

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Don’t pick your nose.
  3. Don’t bite your fingers.
  4. Avoid touching your face.
  5. Practice social distancing.
The Finima youth Congress through the impact of the chairman of the Congress sends the massage out to the entire people of Bonny Kingdom (Bonny Island) 
Stay home and also Stay Safe