Facebook user Shears How Heart Break Ruined Him

This Heart Break and depression thing  be real and be troubling a lot of people since day one, you might say am bigger than that but at a point we all had to go through it to discover what love really is.

If you ever find yourself in the position of being broken-hearted note prayers won't save you being around people who cares will.

If ever heartbroken crying over and over won't help you moving on (not forgetting because no one really forgets) but being with same / opposite genders that bring out the best in you does

I posted a photo yesterday captioned it “mood” it had nothing to do with the meaning of the image my caption related to the photo meant Life is a circle fuck with everyone you can don't discriminate (I was in the mood to start such a life).

Since 2018  I haven't dropped a content on any platform reasons best known to me or to keep it short and simple I was heartbroken and loss of inspirations.

If you've read to this part it means you're one of those few who kept me intact who saw a diamond taking shape instead of something else.

Don't mind the photo it's to drag your attention but still I wanted to tell you am okay now, I stopped rocking my old shoes

Am all back to reality now full of ideas and ready to let the word hear verses from my good book and as I start to work on contents for my first project I'll need your help.

Remember if I blow we all blow , how do you help?


I got three categories to start working on my new EP titled S&Ts which is included in the Procezz of Heaven and Earth, these carts includes.

1. Social Team
2. Street Team
3. Studio Team

If you're interested drop a comment I'll personally inbox you if you're not just scroll pass Thank You