Finima Youth Congress - Sends Message Against Rape

Say No To Rape! Say No To Crime!
Dear Rapist in Finima Community....
This message is more like an awareness, advice and warning to you and anyone who have, or about to engage him or herself in such evil act/other criminal acts.
We do not tolerate such here in Finima Community. If you're being caught red handed on crime or reported and was found guilty after a thorough investigation, you will face the consequences with zero mercy.
To all residents of Finima Community, indigenes/non indigenes. While we have a Police Station to visit and make a report, the youth centre is also opened and accessible to everyone to visit and make a report over anything. A report with concrete evidences not false alarm or allegations and justice will be serve immediately.
However, due to the lockdown, nobody is allowed to visit the Youth Centre as all offices are temporarily closed till further notice as directed by the state government. But you can still reach us through our newly launched email address on crimes anytime, any day.

Through the above email address, your reports on crime of any kind within the Finima Community, will reach the Finima Youth Congress  authorities in charge, immediately.
Your safety is guaranteed. Your identity won't be revealed. And whatever you are sending to us must be authentic. Send with solid evidences and not assumptions or cooked up stories.
Don't keep mute and die in silence. Let your voice be heard.
Together we can make the Finima Community and Bonny Kingdom at large, a better and safer place for all.