Bara Kabaka Brown Shears Opinion on the Bonny Total Lock down

in a brief session with Dr. Bara Kabaka Brown shears his opinion on the matter surrounding the Bonny people "which the State Government Imposed an Impromptu and emergency lock down on the Bonny People "
I do not know if it is Bonny Town, Bonny Island or the whole Kingdom/LGA that is to be locked down in view of the frightening Covid 19 cases so reported. It is no longer news that for over a month people have died under inexplicable circumstances. Interestingly, while some have attributed some of these deaths to gas flaring (which I do not subscribe to), others are of the opinion that it is resistance Malaria and Typhoid which has been occasioned by Covid 19. However, anecdotal records from the health facilities in Bonny showed that most of the persons died as a result of hypertension/hypo tension, kidney/bronchial failures, heart failure, cardiac arrest, edema, cancers, diabetes, HIV/AIDS related diseases, and the likes. Most interesting is that a whole lot of them have been managing these conditions for years, stopped their medications or resorted to religious houses. It is also possible that some of the environmental factors would have triggered/drastically awakened these underlying conditions in people. For Malaria and typhoid, we must also not forget that we are battling with the issues of fake drugs, self-medication, combination of orthodox and traditional medicine.
Now that we are at the verge of being locked down as a result of the incidence of Covid 19, the following must be put in place by the relevant authorities:
The samples that were taken that tested positive, how do we contact-trace during the lockdown? Do we have trained healthcare personnel that can do this?? Are the community people sensitized enough for this to happen? Community should be sensitized for going for tests and possible treatment.
The isolation centre should have enough ventilators and should be functional. If there are people that requires treatment, what are the mechanisms in place for moving people from Bonny to PH treatment centres. Or will the Bonny Isolation centre be ungraded to a treatment before the planned lockdown?
Have they made provisions for palliatives? A hungry man is an angry man. For there to be lockdown, people's homes must be properly stocked with food items. Where there are no palliatives before the lock down, we may be facing serious epidemiological issues.
I wont be surprised that most persons upon getting to know the date of the lockdown will leave Bonny to PH and surrounding environs. It is possible that some of these persons will leave Bonny with the infection, and upon easing of the lockdown will plausibly return with the infection. They are likely to spread the disease again. Some are even out of Bonny shouting lock down, lock down. Hence, there should be a mechanism in place to test all those who will return to Bonny after easing of the lockdown. After lockdown, SO WHAT?
Enforcing social/physical distancing has been a problem. While the LGA has done well on sensitizing the people, it wasn't strategic, evidence-based and result-oriented. There was no proper monitoring, no enforcement on the use of face masks and shields, buses are still loading and stacking passengers like sardines, public boats are still carrying 3/4 per bench, okadas are still carrying people without protection. Sadly, we should not be surprised that there are no funds available to enforce these rules. Security agencies must also be involved in this fight.
Importantly, the fight against Covid 19 should be individually take seriously. Protect yourselves and your families. If okada isnt wearing nose mask or face shield, dont enter. Do not go out if you are not wearing same. If you must go out, wear protective clothings and be properly kitten. If you find yourself in a public place, ensure you main social/physical distance. where some shops or businesses arent obeying these rules, there should be mechanisms in place for reporting same and appropriate actions taken. Strengthen the LGA monitoring team, make funds available to them. Train volunteers.
For me, if these are not put in place before the planned lockdown, the whole process will be a facade. Our experts need to be a part of the decision on whether to lock down or not. We understand our peculiarity and can advice thus.
Before lockdown, after lockdown, 
SO WHAT? My humble opinion.