Who owns Finima?

They instigate war and they come to Facebook to mislead the general public.
For the records, all the weapons (knifes, woods, stones, iron, etc...) that brown house youths were seen with last night, were all retrieved from the Tobin house youths.
They know it was wrong to hit the ekere yet they did and followed the one making the announcement with weapons waiting for war

Who owns Finima?
Why do we instigate war?
...What do I know? I'm just a camera guy!
After the first incident, security agencies and the youth Congress instructed that all houses should find an alternative means of making announcements in the community apart from using the ekere. For this reason, the palliative shared for non indigenes by Brown house on Saturday, was announced via SMS.
Why then would the Tobin house come out last night and used the ekere ?
We didn't make posts of the cultists/assassins that was seen in finima this Morning making plans to kill people because we do not want to create tension.
Criminals were caught this morning with weapons heading towards a Tobin man's house (Name withheld).
The Brown house surveillance managed to catch two of them and retrieved 5 clean newly sharped brand new knives from them. Their last dialed number on their phone was the number of the Tobin man that is alleged to have been their host.
The rest escaped. Some say they escaped with guns.
The general public should be informed of the actual situation of things in Finima.