SPOKEN WORD: If I Where God - Futurist

Bonny Island'''s  Spoken word artist Princewill Epele  known as Futurist is out with a new work he tags 


By: Futurist .

If I were God! then I wouldn't be human.
I wouldn't have been in the face of the Earth, neither afraid of my death.
You know! I wouldn't have been a male, female or any other division, Neither in need of any soothsayer to make me realize "TheVision".
Ladies and gentle men if I were God! Then I'd be the one to *time-life*, having no fear of an end coz I know I have no specific *lifetime*.
If I were God! I wouldn't be thinking of being God, coz there is no replica of me, if only these humans could see.
If I were God! Would I spare the rod and spoil the child(humans)?
Will I because of mercy let live this everyday controversy between the one that believe and the atheists? Or will I destroy abysmally the ones that refuse my superiority, claiming to believe in the big bang theory and other subjects of inferiority?
If I were God! Will I allow these adversities upon the ones I created? Call me callous but don't you think the heart of man is desperately wicked?
Doing all sort of unholy things coz of my grace is anticipated.
If I were God! Wait!, As I am God! Or no!..
If you were God! What would you have done?
Would you have preferred your creations to obey your words peacefully or let them face your actions?
What do you think would be their actions and then what would be your reactions?
You don't need to be the judge when the ball is actually in your court!
The world was created and man was put in charge, So ladies and gentlemen. CHANGE!