Insights On Finima Nature Park

Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), being one of the greatest organization in Bonny Island have kept on giving their quantity towards social duties, network advancement and coöperate associations in the developing town. they thought of an untamed life protection park presently known as FINIMA NATURE PARK.

Finima Nature Park is a 1,000 hectares place that is known for freshwater swamp timberland lying along Nigeria's southern seaside region in Bonny Island, Rivers State. The recreation center is an exclusive asset built up in 1999 as a component of Nigeria LNG Limited's reaction to the developing natural worldwide concerns and the requirement for corporate associations to be earth dependable in other to accomplish an increasingly feasible condition for future. NLNG would likewise offer back to the nearby network wherein they work by assisting with preserving some portion of their immense tropical marsh woodlands.

Since beginning, the Park is monetarily bolstered by the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited under their biodiversity program.


The point is to secure the curious biological system and biodiversity inside the region and furthermore ensure its natural uprightness. Finima Nature Park is right now being overseen by Nigerian Conservation Foundation who took over from the Niger Delta Wetlands Commission in 2011. The Park is as of now held in trust, in organization with its prompt host, the Finima Community.

Finima Nature Park is isolated into the Eastern and Western end with size 700 hectares and 300 hectares individually. The Resource and guests focus is situated at the passage of the Eastern finish of the Park.

Finima Nature Park is host to assorted bonny types of widely varied vegetation which is of extraordinary joy to visitor and nature darlings. It likewise fills in as a field lab for proposing scientists with a reasonable stage for natural training and mindfulness. The Park has incredible possibilities for biodiversity protection, explore on waterfront mangrove swamp biological system and open sandy sea shore marine condition, with important characteristics for marine environment preservation and reasonable work openings.