Finima Youth Congress - Free Computer Training

The Finima youth Congress under the Government of Dr. Charles Brown has stated a free computer training for anybody willing to learn. 
and this has been spiking some awesome reviews from individuals and personalities in attandance to this initiative by the Finima youth congress government.

"So this evening BonnyGist and its Media Crew decided to stop by, to see how far with the FYC 
(FREE Computer Training at the Finima Community Computer Library opposite St Patrick Secondary School).
BonnyGist  was really impressed we must say. Saw children age of 8, 10, 15 & 18 partaking on the training as well. Wow! This is really ''Catching Them Young''.
According to the Instructors, over 100 people both indigenous citizens of the community and non-indigenous citizens of the community  partake on this free computer training everyday for the past two weeks.(Morning, afternoon & evening class).

The Director of Social, Welfare & Empowerment  Mr Brown Aminye Prince was intervewied by the Bonnygist Media  and he had this to say " In the next 5yrs every participant of this program will appreciate this day. Because presently, the World is going digital rapidly "
he also gave thanks to his President and Chairman Dr. Brown Charles