TALK ZONE: Nigerian Ladies - Invest in Your Man

Dear Nigerian Ladies Hear Me Out!!!...
Dear Nigerian sisters, there's no demon stopping you from getting married, the economy is bad, most brothers are broke (not by their own making, the government should be blamed) and the brothers who are financially stable are married.

My advice is...
If you have a young man in your life that you believe in and you believe he has plans for the future,
please give him every financial support he needs... I know your fears... What if I invest
in him and he disappoints me....? That's a wise concern... My advice is, be forward...
Yes, be straight forward and tell him you wouldn't mind investing in him if he
commits to be with you... Tell him you can't invest in a temporary emotional euphoria...
You are not being desperate, you are being real. If he is a real man, he will re-assure you
of his commitment. Take him home and let him give your family what he can afford. Try to make things easy for him on the side of your family... Let them know that if they
make things difficult for your man, you have the legal right to proceed to the court and
get married to the man of your dreams... Don't let your family stand in the way of
your destiny... Don't let traditions deny you of your happiness. And if you are not employed and you have no financial help to give to your man, at least, don't take from him always... Especially
in this bad economy... Be there for him... Talk to people in your circles about his business
or skills... Try to connect him to the people in your circles who can help him. Do it because
of the future you see between you both. Focus on building with him. Continue to look
out for opportunities for yourself too. Whoever gets blessed first should help the
other. In this bad economy, being stingy to the guy in your life while sowing seeds to get married is like removing your SIM card from your phone and asking why nobody is calling u. Just give love a chance..