TALK ZONE: Chioma The Breadwinner | Safe Sex


Safe Sex
A mixture of sounds cumming from the hotel room
Sounds of a rocking bed
The tearing of a bed sheet after it exceeded it's elastic limit
Moaning like the siren of an old ambulance
Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry" was played in the background to subside the other sounds but it couldn't perform the magic
Because Mama Chisom a cleaner in the hotel who was Chioma's former neighbor could still hear Chioma screaming "Ewo o, ewo o, Chineke mooo, ahhh, aaa"

After hours Chioma cums out of the room looking as though nothing happened

But inquisitive Mama Chisom asked; "Chioma what were you doing in that room na? I have been hearing different sounds o"

Chioma unapologetically said "Mama Chisom, you know na, i am the fuck winner, sorry bread winner of the family"

Indeed she is, after the death of her dad leaving her with three younger siblings and a mum with no source of income

The conversation went on and Chioma assured Mama Chisom that everything is fine because she is practicing SAFE SEX (sex with the use of rubber)

But pause for a second, how can sex ever be safe for unmarried couples
In fact how do those two words even fit in one phrase
Safe!!! sex!!! How?

Now back to the story, Chioma went about, to and fro, from one hotel room to the other practicing "safe sex" as she puts it
For the pleasure and most importantly the money

She has her mothers backing as well as that of her siblings
What to do na?
They don't have a choice as they claim

She gives her tithe and her first fruit
Goes to church every Sunday
Her Pastors favorite, because of the fat envelopes she regularly drops on the Altar
Her mum regularly anoints her head with oil, in fact her cup runneth over
She continued having more "safe sex"

Then Amaka's elder brother Uche came back from Germany

"Ahhh Amaka introduce me to your brother na"

"That's not an issue he is even looking for a fine Nigerian chick, don't worry i will hook you up" Amaka responded

So they meet
After multiple rounds Chioma pleaded to be set free
He agreed and he even paid better than all the Nigerian senators she has been rolling with

So she kept going back
Maybe because of the cash, or she just loves the way Uche the German machine hits her so hard

Then one cold night Uche called her
And she flew to his house like a bird seeking shelter during rainfall

So they went down
It's been hours of bed shaking, yet still no sign of Uche spilling some milk
He increased his momentum as the German machine that he is
More speed and accuracy
More heat generated thereby increasing the fluid down there

The heat kept increasing
Then finally the volcano erupted but it came with the tearing of the rubber

Yes the condom broke
The milk spilled in Chioma's bosom
Her eyes opened!!!

Uche quickly compensated her with even more money
So she decided to take a break from hustling
After all she has gathered enough incum in the the space of two months than she has ever done all her life

So after some time she started feeling different
She then decided to run a test before resuming her hustle
The results came out
But she got double for her troubles
A pregnancy test result and an HIV test result
She was not just pregnant but also infected with HIV

Straight up, she ran to Uche the German machine but, he is out of the kwantry
Both of his lines were suddenly not reachable
Amaka also couldn't help with the where about of her brother

Chioma was helpless and devastated
Thoughts in her head * what if this child also gets infected with the disease? *
The doctors advised her to give the child a chance

But her mind was already made up
"How do i end this shit?", she asked

* SNIPER * the devil whispered
So she drank it like it was black coffee without sugar

Her lungs,kidney and livers stopped operating
A burst of hormones
And yes she took her last breathe
She died!!!

Yes Chioma died leaving all the incum she gathered from making men cum

Safe sex as she would say...

Author: Perfect Favour
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