Things You Need To Know About Bonny Island

Who Founded Bonny Island?
Alagbariye (known in Bonny tradition as "Amakoromabo", meaning "founder", and his brothers, Opuamakuba and Asimini were the leaders of the founding group of Bonny Island Kingdom (otherwise known as Grand Bonny Kingdom). The virgin lands and territories of the Island Kingdom was founded about or before 1,000 AD

                                                             Tourist Attraction

Bonny Island-Finima is surrounded on the west and south by long stretches of beaches. The beautiful beaches attract tourists and fun seeking inhabitants alike on sunny days and festive periods like Christmas and Easter. On 26 and 31 December of every year, thousands of people visit the Finima beaches for beach carnivals.

There is also the Finima Nature Park, which is an important tourist area located at the right-hand side of the roundabout.

Bonny Island Master Plan
In Bonny Island  there’s a plan, a plan to make this one of the most important investment destinations in West Africa.
The plan is called ‘Green Heart City’. And it will mean Bonny Kingdom will be home to much more than oil and gas. There’ll be a diversified economy low unemployment rate, strong infrastructure and improved quality of life for its millions of skilled workers

The Kingdom lies in the southern most edge of West Africa in Nigeria and in close proximity to the city of Port Harcourt. That makes it perfectly located for trade ships and vessels from the international and inland waters. The Kingdom is one of the most industrialized communities in Nigeria, hosting the country’s largest oil and gas industries.

Bonny Island occupies an area of approximately 215 square kilometers, with a network of creeks and waterways right to its centre. The southern edges have the most readily available landmass. The rest? Mangrove forest and some of the most fertile farmlands in West Africa.The influx of industries has spurred the development of urban fabrics and basic infrastructures.