Bonny Island The Holiday Destination


On a private cruise through the Rivers to a fabulous Destination Called FREEDOM!

I'm going to stretch my wings and fly into space, but it's only for 2days before you know Monday will be at the door knocking. If I had my way, I'd double the padlocks 🔒

Still wondering why Friday is closer to Monday, but Monday is farther to Friday. Who made this calendar, oh lord help me! I wish not to believe this calendar was made by employers to frustrate us🤦‍♂️

I wonder if I was created only to live, work and die 😢

Despite my desires to make ends meet, I still find myself being "Just Over Broke" and you call this JOB!

I may not have the answers now, but what I know is this weekend is mine. I'm going to twist it, bend it, fold it, stretch it, destroy and rebuild it, I repeat, this weekend is MIND!

I want an everlasting holiday, I know I'm not lazy but can't I work when I choose to - but wait! I'm I the only one feeling this way?

📸 @enefa_a

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