Mc JP Trills This fans with a Poem

Just thinking
(If Only They Know)
Many wanting to take pictures with me because they've seen me on there tv screen or have been impressed with my performance on stages. (if only they know)
I'm not even seen talking or going about mingling with others and they keep wondering where i come out from anytime i appear (if only they know)
Some will call me to say i want to see you and i tell them i've travelled out, and they keep wondering saying "but i saw him yesterday". (if only they know).
Some look at me whenever i appear and say "you always look great". (if only they know).
Some persons privileged to come around me and say to me "do you know lots of people say you have pride but i'm not seeing pride in you. (if only they know)
Lots of people promised to link me up with the giants in the industry but don't even have there contacts and don't even no i'm known and loved by them all. (if only they know).
People see me and say, are you not that guy that use to do comedy from bonny and you are this big?. (if only they know).
People see me and say "ah those your politicians help you oooh see where them don take you reach (if only they know)..
Do you even have idea of how i started, where i was, and where i'm evem going to?
Let's all mind our business and support me jare.
You have the right to know when you get your tickets for 

*mc jp comedy banquet portharcourt edition