OLGA Reform: Bonny Council Holds Talk With The Transport Association

Under the OLGA reformation The council boss Bonny LGA, Engr. David Irimagha R, meets with the Bonny Transport Association (BTA) in his office at the council secretariat, the associations namely; Bonny Okada Riders And Owners Association (BOROA) and Bonny Amalgamated Keke Association (BAKA) both are affiliated with the National Union Of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).
On peaceful coexistence, the council boss frown at the series of reports and petitions reaching him due to the manner at which the operations and business of the associations are being carried out, adding that before his assumption of office he is aware that the previous government has earlier given an order on the time Keke and Okada should ply and when to stop.
Mr. Tamuno Benstowe, Chairman Okada Riders, applaud the chairman for the audience and further add that in course of the new order there will be pains, suffering and crime rates might also increase due to lack of Okada riders given information to the police.
Senibo John Hart, Chairman Keke Riders, thank the council boss for meeting with them to chart away forward on how to curtail the high level of insecurity in the LGA form there angle.
The council boss, also stated that the level of anticipated insecurity as a result of NLNG Train 7 Project is high, therefore adequate security measures must be put in place to forestall any form of security breaches, he asked the chairmen to go back and sensitize their members on the new order from government, adding that Okada riders are so numerous and are basically unknown, no address or any form of identification, council will partner with the Bonny Youth Federation (BYF) to ensure each rider has numbererd and tagged vest at a cost which shall be subsidized to cushion the effect on the riders and owners and starting from Monday 17th September 2018, he further reiterated that the original order will be implemented all Okada will stop at 8pm and Keke 12am and it shall be reenforced and violators will be duly prosecuted accordingly.