Yesterday afternoon Iwoama community in Bonny Local Government Area witness the wave of Positive Change. As they host the Inaugural meeting of Wike for positive change Bonny chapter.

The meeting was held at the group secretariat #77 mission road Bonny. Adjacent PDP secretariat Bonny.
In his address the coordinator of WFPC Bonny chapter Hon. Boma Jumbo stated that our group is pose to reach the unreached. He said our members will be people that are not members of other groups. Who are ready to move from house to house with the message of positive change.

The deputy coordinator Hon. Sonny Jack brown stated that it is not that other groups are bad but there is something that is lacking it is this that WFPC is set to achieve.

Comr. Kieri Idafurofha Bristol the secretary of WFPC Bonny in his speech said that the reelection of Nyesom E. Wike is one good we must do for our self. For Wike has shown us that change has two sides. Negative change which is seen in Nigeria and Apc states and Positive change we the people of Rivers State has been enjoying. For it is this message we must spread in every fishing port, market, street, schools. Etc

The executives members affirm their commitments to spread the message of positive change brought by PDP and spear headed by Wike.