Pluto Okome Freestyles Some Poetic Lines

Pluto Okome a Home based poet  was challenged after his performance at the Bonny grand tour concert and he proved his worth and freestyled some poetic lines

These where his lines

Ploto Okome  - "Homie the fact is/to get here I had to practice/Thinking out the box/breaking the locks/living a life of no lucks/like lips the struggle sucks/but we have to do Shit to make some bucks/ The clock is ticking tick tock/and all we have to do is work/no time for cheap talk/I'm a product of Nas, Pac, Eminem and ice cube/ still got a little of boogey and Pryse too/ A kid asked me if I can spit like Cole and Kanye/To which I replied, "I can, yeah"/i spit fire/ I lit cyphers/ even the... rhyming puzzle I deciphered/ Little kid trying to take rap back to the time of biggie and pac/Born in the lost and found ain't talking bout boogey and pay back/lyrical beast/I see every rap battle as a feast/my punchlines are like guillotines, They make these niggas lose their heads/I got bars like niggas doing times in the feds/your favorite emcees lines make me sleep like tse-tse flies/while my rhymes make them slip like wet tiles/my poetry's like Shakespeare's/they even compare me to Drake's peers/You say I don't write fine like I got whitlow/but if I give you seven days you'd still come with weak(week) flows/like glaucoma my rhymes make whack emcees to lose sights/I lost my mirror now my competition is out of sight/y'all don't scare me, you ain't no Anabelle/watch the way I make my rhymes stick like caramels/like a Bible all my words are true man/Named after a planet how dare you compare me to these humans?/Define rap?/Nigga I devised that/The rap structure I designed/born to bring back hip hop, nigga can't you see the signs?/and besides/the hip-hop Vatican is where I reside/so you can't see me if you ain't like Nasmi, Nas or Jigga/I'm out Nigga!!!"