Nengi Obelley Perfomrs Poetry on stage for Doris

Nengi Obelley upraising poet had the opptunity to perform in the Love Spark Poetry challenge and he perfroms a poem for his beloved doris.

Nengi Obelley  _
My heart has been crushed
and my soul flushed...
the tears at the brink of my eye lids promised never to rush again. For I found no gain in it
Then this face came along.
The ink of my pen had seized so long
but when I promised to write for her it began to overflow.
  1. D for daring. A heart quite fragile but very agile, uncaged and allowed to beat and move freely like the wind, rooted in the love she has for the ones around.
  2. O for Oasis.
    To sit by her side and gaze at the moon would be the coolest thing to do. She is a perfect orchestration of Rapunzel. And d beauty never runs down. Sometimes I wonder if her beauty is tied to the pattern of the wind ni.
  3. R for Royalty
    She is no princess or queen
    but yet the daughters of kings are still children. Her love for Her God makes me wonder. She speaks with symmetrical pattern. Her smile blinds my sight. Her tears weakens my heart .Even in such splendour. Humility is her virtue.
  4. I for inexplicable
    Don't define her for what you see. Don't judge her for what you hear. God specially made her In Understandable. A gaze from a distance and even the sun confesses its brightness is dim.
  5. S for Simplicity
    Dear miss, I hope I did not write amiss. Your simplicity makes me to keep mute at times.