Dr. Bara Kabaka Brown Celebrates Son On His First Birthday

Allow me to clad your timelines with loads of write up about how thankful and grateful I am on the one year anniversary of the birth of my son, my heir apparent and my pediatric copy. It could only have been God. Right from conception to when you were born, all I asked from God is a son that will dedicate his life to the service of God and humanity. God is already answering this prayer. Days to your delivery was about the longest days of the lives of I and your mum as we were hoping and believing that you will come out safe and sound. This indeed happened as hoped for. Labour started like 72hrs to your delivery and every kept awake awaiting the arrival of a KING. On the D-Day, you said NO, I will come out, not as expected by everyone, but as I and God had planned. When eventually you arrived, we almost lost you due to negligence from some healthcare providers, and there you are in intensive care unit for 3 days, yet you survived, your mum survived.
There were shouts of joy. You made me the father of a son. A position I am eternally grateful to God for. My son, at this early age you already know what you want for yourself and insists on getting it. You seek for attention like your mum and insist on getting it undisturbed. Like me your dad, you dont like being disturbed when eating. The list goes on and on. All I can say is that God bless you now and always. God bless your mum for being the best mum on earth. God bless your sister Alice for always wanting to take care of you. God bless the remaining long and blissful days of your life. We love you. Happy Birthday my dear son.